Clients expect agencies to give them an advantage in the market. EVR produces campaigns that get you noticed with results that are measurable to the end of the sales cycle.

Agency History

In 1989 agency founder Terry Vital decided to bring her major market experience to New Hampshire. Her vision was to establish a creative and strategic marketing communications and advertising firm that based its solutions on a unique and intimate understanding of the Northeast markets. Clever, informed campaigns with measurable results branded us.

Now, with Jeff Eisenberg at the helm, we’re still gaining momentum and growing. We house our offices in the historic Amoskeag Millyard district in Manchester, N.H. where we deliver truly interactive and 360⁰ agency services. We’re a mature agency with experienced pros combining the traditional and the modern to create a vibrant and effective market presence for our clients. We think the Granite State is an inspiring place to live and work.

Informed Ingenuity

We explore, examine, discuss and probe. Then we dig some more until we truly understand the essence of the work. It really gets good when you have the people with savvy and skill to do something great with this knowledge. This is where targeted research meets creative marketing. Or, in other words, Informed Ingenuity.

EVR Advertising Agency Overview Brochure

Producing campaigns that get you noticed and measuring the results to the end of the sales cycle is what we do. Check out our ideas in action.



EVR Advertising One Sheet Overview PDF

You need an agency you can trust to deliver the services you want, but it’s more than that. Download our overview sheet.



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