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Strengthen brand recognition as well as increase member signup in a competitive Boston market on a moderate budget. Create a general branding and open enrollment campaign that is distinctive amongst competitor set. Graphic design should suggest a simple approach to complex program.


Research and define media channels and key performance indicators (KPIs) to increase awareness and user engagement. The campaign launched with a tactical mix of channels deployed including: radio, programmatic display ads, billboards, transit ads, print advertising and laundromat signage. Make an immediate connection with the Millennial mindset.

Creative Approach

Avoid imagery overused by competitors. The designs employ bold flat graphics and emoji style illustrations with bright colors to make an immediate connection with the Millennial mindset in a style that feels fun, lighthearted and inviting. A vanity URL of GetMoreNow.org is easy to remember and reinforces key brand messaging.

Concept Overview – “Get More”

Position the BMC Health Plan as a plan that feels clear, simple and straightforward – to stand apart in a competitive marketplace that can feel overwhelming. The overall theme and key messaging is designed around the idea of getting more from a health plan – an open invitation to join a plan without the complexities that often come along with healthcare plans. The phrase, “Get More”, works as a call to action as well as an introduction to multiple free and extra benefits.


New sign-ups increased by 57% over previous two member acquisition campaigns. Approximately 70 million impressions were delivered for less than a penny per impression. Consumer Engagement: over 26,000 unique visitors to the microsite resulting in 364 high opportunity clicks or form submissions.


Campaign traffic that came via a mobile device


Conversion rate on campaign landing page (average was 2-4%)


Landing page bounce rate

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