Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist plays a important role in planning, implementing, optimizing and reporting on all paid and earned digital campaigns from start to finish. This includes reviewing digital marketing campaigns and website analytics—turning these data points into actionable insights and recommendations for improved performance.

Digital Platform Management

Support Digital Marketing Manager in tasks related to pay-per-click, paid social media, and online display campaigns. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Implementing benchmarks of success and outlining key comparable data points such as CPM, CTR, Conversion rate and cost per conversion analysis.
  • Tracking user engagement and attribution measures across all types of website visits (paid, organic, referral, direct, etc.) Tracking this user journey from landing page to web site to conversion.
  • Leveraging tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush for deeper website insights.
  • Implement ideas and collaborate with broader team for A/B tests schedules.
  • Work with Social Media Team on ongoing monitoring and response to comments on all social paid campaigns.
  • Communicating and presenting these results to team members and clients alike.
  • Contribute to broader planning and proposal documents.
  • Assist Digital Media Manager in campaign set-up with vendors, Google Campaign Manager and Google Tag Manager.
  • Paid search keyword research, text ad development, campaign management and ongoing optimization.
  • SEO tasks including keyword research and optimizing websites in strategic areas such as page title, meta data, headlines, alt tags, etc. Develop core and topical content suggestions provided based on keyword research.
  • Provide historical analytics review for trend comparisons and determine search volume and relative competition/difficulty score as well as search trends.
  • Rank competitor domain authority, back-links and link building campaigns. Leverage third party tools to develop efficient ways to manage client’s online reputation through directory management, review monitoring and solicitation.
  • Attend client meetings and new business meetings as required.
  • Push the envelope on new emerging trends, new ad formats, etc.

Campaign Reporting and Optimization Recs

Execute reporting tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Working with account executives (AEs) to understand client goals and desired outcomes based on benchmarks and past campaign performance.
  • Collect data from digital/ traditional channels and analytics tools.
  • Interpreting metrics for trends, successes and opportunities.
  • Analyzing metrics as they relate to campaign goals and forming storylines to convey strategy, analysis, and recommendations to clients.
  • Collaborate with AEs on storylines based on data and performance metrics.
  • Own overall quality of end reporting result in terms of accuracy and quality of insights, storylines and recommendations.
  • Collaborate on the best reporting tool for each unique campaign Email updates, Google Data Studio Dashboards, PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Deliver timely results based on client needs, external influences, etc.
  • Attend client meetings and present metrics.
  • Be a resource for AEs and client inquiries into campaign performance.

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