Metrics |
You will love our creative strategies and client service, but it’s the results that will truly hold your heart.

Marketing campaigns of today require consistent and dedicated focus on metrics and reporting. Our analytics team monitors campaigns regularly, providing insights and new opportunities based on real-time data.

We’re not just talking about pinpointing one data point and running with it. We connect all the dots, recognize trends and tell the whole story.

From start to happy ending.

Our Tried and Tested Measurement Process Includes:

  • Starting from the finish line
    By understanding the campaign benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our data analysts ensure campaigns are optimized to meet and exceed goals. Our account service team will keep you in the know every step of the way with a variety of custom scheduled reports and meetings.
  • Agility truly wins the race
    Traditional and digital channels alike are scrutinized, optimized and deployed to meet optimal CPM’s and desired market saturation.
  • No consumer journey is too complex
    EVR’s multi-channel ad server (Google DoubleClick) allows for attribution models that illuminate the consumer journey and help identify where and when your audience engages, whether that be the first impression on day one or the last impression weeks later.
  • Winning the lead generation
    As a proud Google Partner, our team of certified strategists have experience helping clients achieve their conversion goals by integrating search engine marketing within their overall marketing strategies. We’re your partner, helping you translate marketing ROI to your bottom line.