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With an opportunity to elevate their presence in the marketplace, Catholic Medical Center was looking to upgrade their brand position as one of the top healthcare providers in the Greater Manchester region, while also promoting multiple services lines.


Building off a strong legacy brand, in partnership with a new leadership team, we sought to refresh the CMC brand, its visual identity and supporting language through an integrated and comprehensive master brand campaign. Our research identified the opportunities to upgrade CMC’s brand personality and unify the marketing efforts of all service lines.


Deliverables included a new logo, brand guides and deployment/activation tactics, including messaging for broadcast, outdoor, print, digital and social media.

Master Brand Identity

The simple, but evocative concept of `heart’ conveys CMC’s brand essence of compassionate excellence, while the accompanying tagline, “Where Heart Meets Health”, also leverages the renowned New England Heart & Vascular Institute. This `heart’ concept not only embodies the CMC legacy brand attributes (care, compassion), but also supports more aspirational attributes (surgical excellence, quality of care). It offers three creative messaging angles: essential core, emotive and cardiac care reference.

Visual Identity

As part of the re-brand, the logo was redesigned. The full name was abbreviated to reflect local vernacular, positioning this brand mark (`CMC’) as the dominant visual element of the logo. The new logo features contemporary typography, a modern icon with a subtle cross reference and an enhanced color palette communicates a progressive mission with a nod to its faith-based roots.

Media Campaign (Brand)

A comprehensive media plan was developed to introduce the master brand campaign using multiple channels (including TV, radio, direct mail, print collateral, PPC, paid social, programmatic and YouTube).

Media Campaign (Service Lines)

Independent campaigns were developed to promote various service lines and communicate important information related to evolving services, new locations and modified naming conventions.

To address the challenge of developing media plans for multiple service line messaging in the market without confusing patients, the EVR media team defined each service lines’ key messaging, KPIs, target market and target geography. As each media plan was created, our team ensured that channels were flighted appropriately to reduce potential competition between service lines campaigns running simultaneously. The creative team also worked to develop ads that had a consistent brand feel, but with enough subtle differences to allow each service line to stand on its own and promote its benefits.

Specific calls to action were utilized in the creative to allow the digital team to measure engagement to predetermined KPIs.


Elevated brand awareness was achieved in the local and regional target markets with a total of 15,128,570 digital impressions. The individual service line campaigns saw 93,399 engagements through digital and social channels, including 89,045 link clicks, 3,414 post reactions, 226 comments, 211 shares and 503 page likes. Overall, the CMC website saw an 9% increase in organic traffic from the previous year.

Digital Impressions

Link Clicks


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