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To establish the newly-launched global brand of Kalwall®, as well as promote its expanding product line of translucent daylighting systems, a new website was designed to reflect Kalwall’s elegant look and advanced engineering.


A large scale product that features illumination and hard angles played beautifully into our strategy for a high-impact full frame web design. With over 85% of Kalwall’s site traffic coming from architects using high-resolution monitors and high-speed internet, we knew that featuring high-quality photography would be the best way to showcase the beauty of the product. The website also needed to perform at an elevated level in terms of practical lead generation, so the information architecture was overhauled with dozens of new pages, SEO recommendations and thought leadership content.

Swiss Design Influenced

Our UX design team created an interface that would not detract from the appeal of the product through the use of simplicity, grid and sans serif typefaces rooted in Swiss design theory. A monochromatic color palette enhanced this strategy, allowing for splashes of color in photos to create a sense of allure and excitement. This approach allowed for the architectural drawings and diagrams to play perfectly into the overall design aesthetic.



Leveraging a modern, editorial approach to content lent itself nicely to the quality of the product and the engineering that goes into the manufacturing process, giving the website the feel of a high-gloss product catalog with detailed information on the science behind the scenes. The homepage scrolling panels are part of an intuitive navigation system, gracefully snapping into view and providing a more dramatic look at the product. A diverse grid system ensures flexibility to allow for dynamic, elegant layouts as the website expands over time.


RESULTS since site launch


Increase in Organic Visits


Increase in Page Views


Drop in Bounce Rate

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