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You can get lost out on the digital highway, so here are a few roadmaps to help you find your way. Just consider us your travel guide.

Programmatic Guide

Digital marketing has come a long way since the first banner ad debuted in 1994. Fueled by the ever increasing amount of time we spend online, the digital ad industry surpassed traditional ad spend for the first time in 2018 and is projected to cross the $200 billion mark by 2023.

Influencer Marketing Guide

Consumers are influenced by what information they find online. According to a 2018 survey by Sprout Social, 74% of buying decisions are influenced by social networks. Beyond friends and family, consumers are finding trusted sources through blogs, social media posts and videos. These influencers are usually industry specific and many are willing to partner with brands to promote products and services that align with their beliefs.

ConteNt Marketing Guide

Content marketing is no longer optional, but it’s not easy and is becoming increasingly more complex. Sure, marketers are doing more of it – 56% increased their content creation in 2018 according to data from the Content Marketing Institute – but they are also struggling to understand what they should be producing, how often and for who.

SEO Guide

No matter what product you are selling or service you are offering, there is someone out there on the Internet searching for information about it. According to Internet Live Stats, there are 65,456 searches on Google every second. Are they finding you? Or, are you buried in Google’s search results? Did you know 75 percent of people don’t even make it to the second page of a Google search?

Media Matrix

Budgets are limited. Options seem endless. So, where do you spend your money when planning media? Media planning is a relatively simple exercise when your audience is narrow. But we know it doesn’t always work that way. Audiences can be broad, crossing over from 20-something women to middle-aged men.

Reputation Management

Close to 90% of people read online reviews before visiting a business. And nearly two-thirds trust online search engines the most when conducting research on a business. Online reputation is also critically important to attracting talented people to work for you.

Digital ROI Calculator

Digital marketing is no longer optional for any business looking to increase sales. In fact, the technology and marketing resource provider Mondo released a survey that predicts 80 percent of marketing departments will increase their digital marketing budget in the upcoming year.